Mission Statement

Our mission statement:
"The SL-Emergency Management Agency is here to bring together ALL virtual public safety forces. Our mission is to promote inter agency cooperation. Coordinate joint and mutual aid and training's.

We are here to provide dispatching services and agency coordination for any member of the Second Life International Association of Firefighters (SLIAFF) or the Second Life Fraternal Order of Police (SLFOP) that request it. Our mission is to ease fire ground and incident communications so you can focus more on your role play."

"I hear the same complaints from Chiefs everywhere. There are two things they hate. Calling for mutual aid. Then dealing with that mutual aid. Most complain that 90% of their incident time is spent in message boxes either calling for help or trying to get that same help to do something once they've arrived. By the time they've managed that the incident is typically over which is no fun at all.
While I don't believe we can provide any sort of end-all / cure-all solution I do believe we can get the ball rolling and grow as the need increases." - Roxy Knave, SL-EMA Founder & Lead Dispatcher


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