The SL-EMA Nautilus – Satori Water Shuttle Team

The SL-EMA Nautilus – Satori Water Shuttle Team
Founded by: Capt. Cale Solo, Firelands RFD and Roxanne Rimgale, lead dispatcher, SL-EMA

•    To provide adequate water supply for firefighting in areas not served by standard pressurized hydrants.
•    To properly draft from Linden waterways, prim water sources, and dry hydrants
•    To provide adequate water supply to feed at least one aerial apparatus (elevated master stream)
1.    The SL-EMA Nautilus – Satori Water Shuttle Team will be made up from multiple departments across Second Life. It will fall under the SL-EMA “banner” but is not owned or managed by any one department.
2.    Dispatching will be provided by the SL-Emergency Management Agency when available
3.    Activation of the Shuttle Team can be made by individual departments or asked for in any number of SL firefighting groups (SLIAFF, Mutual Aid Box Alarm System, SL Fire Protection Association, the SL Fire Chief’s Association, and more)
4.    Once activated the highest-ranking member of any department will take command of the team to coordinate shuttle activities
5.    Members of the team are required to join the inworld SL-Emergency Management Agency Group for coordinated information and response
The activities of the shuttle team leader include:
•    Ensure rez rights if needed
•    Locate an adequate water source
•    Assign an engine crew to maintain the water source
•    Assign a water supply officer and ensure he or she has proper communications with the Incident Commander
•    Determine how many tankers are needed to maintain adequate water supply to feed the apparatus on the fire ground
•    Coordinate actions between incident command and the on-scene tanker crews
•    At the end of the incident the team leader is responsible for ensuring that all hoses and equipment have been picked up from the area (we want to ensure we don’t leave a mess for the sim owners to clean up so we maintain good relations with them)
The water shuttle team will meet once a month and meetings and trainings will be announced via the SL-EMA inworld group. Meetings will start as a short briefing then proceed right into hands on.

Saturday 5/13 at Firelands Station 38 in Turvile at 2 pm SLT will be the first meeting. Rezzing will be open. Bring your tankers. If you don't have one we can rez you a loaner for the day. We'll be drafting from the Blake Sea. This first meet of the water shuttle will be a short run across the sim to feed an aerial master stream. If you have any questions contact Chief Carla Laville or Capt. Cale Solo from Firelands.

Station 38


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