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The SL-EMA needs you!

We are small but we are growing team of dedicated and enthusiastic dispatchers and now we need you!. The SL-EMA is looking for people interested in being dispatchers. While experience is always preferred none is needed and we would be happy to provide training.

We are also looking for new agencies to dispatch for. See our application page located here.

Also, we are now capable of group notices for mutual aid in both the SLIAFF and SLFOP groups. I'd like to take a moment to thank Nick Philly, Lilly Laville, Tony Kelleher, and of course Carla Laville for continually telling me "you never know til you try."

The SL-EMA's new MCU

Thanks to donations from Firelands Fire District Chief(s) Lilly and Carla Laville as well as Firelands Harbor Patrol Chief Stang Sabra the SL-EMA has a new mobile communications unit. We can set up on your incident or scene and provide not only dispatching but incident management help as well.

1st Annual Fire Truck Rally at the Second Life International Airport

Details The The Firelands Property Group and the Second Life International Airport present the 1st Annual Freedom Firetruck Rally.
The event will feature judging in the following categories :
Best Chiefs Car
Best Specialty Company (ARFF, HAZMAT etc.)
Best Antique
Best Engine/Ladder
Best Rescue/Ambulance

Load In & Viewing start at 6pm (3pm SLT)
Freedom Reception w/ DJ starts at 8pm (5pm SLT)
Winner Announcements and Fireworks start at 10pm (7pm SLT)

 To display a vehicle register HERE

Pics from The SL-EMA Nautilus – Satori Water Shuttle Team


The SL-EMA Nautilus – Satori Water Shuttle Team

The SL-EMA Nautilus – Satori Water Shuttle Team
Founded by: Capt. Cale Solo, Firelands RFD and Roxanne Rimgale, lead dispatcher, SL-EMA

•    To provide adequate water supply for firefighting in areas not served by standard pressurized hydrants.
•    To properly draft from Linden waterways, prim water sources, and dry hydrants
•    To provide adequate water supply to feed at least one aerial apparatus (elevated master stream)
1.    The SL-EMA Nautilus – Satori Water Shuttle Team will be made up from multiple departments across Second Life. It will fall under the SL-EMA “banner” but is not owned or managed by any one department.
2.    Dispatching will be provided by the SL-Emergency Management Agency when available
3.    Activation of the Shuttle Team can be made by individual departments or asked for in any number of SL firefighting groups (SLIAFF, Mutual Aid Box Alarm System, SL Fire Protection Association, the SL Fire Chief’s Association, and more)
4.    Once activated the highest-r…